I've seen this happen many times before and it almost always results in Missouri gas prices soaring. There are tell-tale signs that you might want to fill up your tank as soon as you possibly can.

Since I gas up in Missouri every few days, I keep a close eye on gas prices. It's like playing the stock market. You want to buy low and that opportunity may suddenly come to a close soon if a new report is accurate. MSN is reporting as of a few minutes ago that OPEC "agrees to extend production cuts in bid to boost oil prices". Translation? You better get gas now while it's relatively cheaper.

The bad news for Missouri people like me that have a long daily drive is this doesn't appear to be a short-term price hike. The report says that there is still negotiating going on with OPEC and the other oil producers on how to further limit production and those cuts in output are expected to extend into early 2025. Yikes.

I probably don't pay enough attention to international news. This report on cuts in oil production show that I need to start now. If OPEC and the oil companies are successful in ramping down the production of petroleum, that means the price of gassing up in Missouri for regular people like you and me could get very painful again.

I plan to gas my vehicle up as soon as possible and I think that would be a good idea for just about everyone.

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