It appears big changes are afoot for Walgreens as their leader just stated they're planning to close a large percentage of locations with that number likely topping 2,000. The question is how many Missouri locations will be affected?

This bombshell report was shared by the Wall Street Journal today. It was the words of Walgreens Boots Alliance Chief Executive Tim Wentworth that sent shockwaves through the business world as he said Walgreens is "planning to close a substantial number of poorly performing stores". He said they haven't decided exactly how many, but think that it will be approximately "a quarter".

Walgreens currently has at least 8,600 locations in the United States, so even with my admittedly limited math skills, that would amount to around 2,150 Walgreens locations shutting their doors.

Walgreens in Hannibal, Missouri.
Google Maps Street View

Let's be clear that they have not stated how many or which Missouri Walgreens will be included in this planned closure only that it will happen over the next few years with what they have evaluated as underperforming locations.

There's also no word on exactly when store closings could begin, but it's very possible we'll start to see specific announcements later this year if not before.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once more specific Missouri store information is released.

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