Of all the space rocks that have disintegrated into the atmosphere in 2024, the one just seen over Missouri is one of the most widely-seen of the year. It was a humongous meteor that was captured by a backyard security camera as it exploded over Missouri.

The American Meteor Society shared video captured by Christopher Czerlinsky was just dropped on YouTube. It was reportedly seen by hundreds including many in Missouri.

According to the official American Meteor Society website, this meteor was seen in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. As of this writing, they have over 94 confirmed witnesses to this sky event which makes it one of the most visible of 2024 so far.

This reminds me of the Missouri meteorite that was widely seen about 4 years ago and included a father and son that found it in their backyard as you might recall.

If you're interested in meteors and fireballs, the American Meteor Society receives new reports daily.

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