Saturday night will be a good night to keep your eyes on the skies if you enjoy fireballs. There are 3 different meteor showers that will be happening concurrently and our skies should remain clear.

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Space Weather shared details of our planet being in the path of 3 different comet fields the night of July 30. They say "Earth is passing through debris streams from three comets: 169P/NEAT, 96P/Machholz, and 109P/Swift-Tuttle."

What do those comets mean for our skies?

The comets mentioned above are responsible for the alpha Capricornid, southern delta Aquariid, and Perseid meteor showers as documented by Space These showers have already been responsible for several bright fireballs this week including one early Saturday morning over Missouri as video by Dan Bush on Missouri Skies on YouTube shows.

Where should you look?

One of the meteor showers should be visible in the region of the sky where you find Jupiter. Jupiter rises above the horizon for our part of Missouri and Illinois around 11p tonight. The highest number of meteors will likely occur very late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Peak is expected between midnight and 2am.

How many meteors can I see?

The estimates from these 3 meteor showers range from 15 to 20 per hour with singular brighter fireballs possible throughout the night.

Nothing is certain, but all the conditions seem to be lining up for a potential spectacular sight above our heads Saturday night, July 30 into Sunday morning, July 31. July could certainly be going out with a bang.

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