(LADDONIA)--A man whom authorities say was involved in a gruesome Northeast Missouri murder that included five family members now claims he got ineffective legal counsel.

Darrill Lynn of Farber is serving a 10-year sentence for kidnapping. He entered an Alford plea last December in which he did not admit guilt but agreed there probably was enough evidence for a conviction. His new request goes before a judge Wednesday, August First.

Lynn was charged as part of an investigation into the death of Ohio drifter James William Boyd McNeely. The victim was bound and tortured before being suffocated with a trash bag in the basement of a Laddonia home in December 2009.

Chester Harvey, his wife, Angela, and three of their sons were charged with murder in the case. The Harveys and their oldest son, Chad, are serving life sentences. Ethan Harvey got an 18-year sentence and Jordan Harvey is behind bars for 15 years.

Two men accused of being Lynn’s accomplices have pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and may be called as witnesses against him.    Robert Allen is serving three years in prison and Jackie Don Moss got a two-year sentence.