The other day, the conversation at home turned to "famous" people my wife and I had met through the years. She attended Eureka College in the 70s, and crossed paths with some members of the Reagan family during her time there. These and other encounters she looks back at and just kind of shrugs off.

As for me, in this line of work, you do tend to get the chance to meet a number of interesting people. In my Pittsfield radio days, country singers would come through headed for area fairs -- people like Barbara Fairchild, Barbara Mandrell, T.G. Shepherd, Dottie West, Sonny James (if you need to ask who these people are, never mind).

As the years have gone by, the well known that have come through have been mostly sports and politics related.

In sports, folks like Jack Buck, Willie McGee and John Mozeliak. In politics, there were Governors George Ryan (insert your Illinois Governor joke here), Matt Blunt and Jay Nixon, U.S. Senators Paul Simon, Kit Bond, Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt. Someone who was not a politician but was here for a political reason was the singer Carole King, who came through to campaign for Barack Obama four years ago.

Then, there was last fall in Branson when we saw the play, "A Christmas Snow." One of the stars was the actor Muse Watson, best known for the role of Mike Franks on my favorite TV show "NCIS." If you've seen my Facebook page, you know I met Mr. Watson and had a picture taken. I even told him we have a mutual friend. As jaded as you get about meeting well known people, that was cool.

So, who's the most famous person you ever met?