A random collection...

Being in line behind people attempting left turns from parking lots across McMasters in Hannibal or Broadway in Quincy during the noon hour or during the afternoon rush.

Drivers on four lane streets who hold up in the inside lane in a well meaning effort to allow a left turn from the turn lane, never mind that cars tend to come zipping down the street in the lane or lanes closest to the curb.  That’s a collision waiting to happen.

Left turns from the far right driving lane. I saw one of these a couple weeks ago on McMasters near Osco.

Un signaled lane changes or turns.  I’m not a mind reader.  I also do not like surprises while driving. That thing sticking out of the left side of the steering column is there for a reason.

Tailgaters.  That’s a very good way to increase the size of the premium check you write to your insurance company.

Drivers motoring along for no apparent reason in the passing lane. You can get ticketed for that in Illinois.

I’ve also noticed that when I pass a car driving about three miles per hour under the speed limit, the driver is almost always yakking away on the cell phone.