I get to re-indulge in a "guilty pleasure" tonight.

My wife has been on hiatus from the classes she's taking Monday nights. Those classes resume tonight. That means I'll have the TV to myself for the first Monday in about six weeks.

The show I'll be getting re-acquainted with is "Dancing With the Stars." DWTS got my attention back in season two when one of the contestants was Stacy Kiebler, who at the time was a WWE Diva. She placed third, and never wrestled again. Now, of course, she's best known as George Clooney's girlfriend. After that season, I was hooked. I saw Marie Osmond faint on live TV, I agreed with those who thought Bristol Palin lasted longer than she should have, I, too, thought that Donnie Osmond should not have won, I constantly wonder what in the world Brooke Burke is doing anywhere near a microphone. And, isn't it obvious from the way he handles live TV that Tom Bergeron started in radio.

Anyway, I'll get caught up with the current season tonight.