I detest rainouts--at least most of the time.   My softball team was scheduled to open the season last night.  First game since last August. I spend much of Sunday doubting that we would play because of the weekend rains.  The field at Knights of Columbus in Quincy drains pretty well, but I wasn’t sure it could absorb the amount of rain we picked up.
Monday’s sunny, breezy weather led me to believe that the field would be playable.  I went through my usual Monday night bootcamp workout at the Quincy YMCA. The ground there was firm and easy to run and cut on. I even took it relatively easy in the workout with the belief that I had a ballgame to play.
As I drove down 36th, the outfield grass was freshly cut, a beautiful green..... and vacant. “Hmm”. I thought. “Must be between innings or the first game is a forfeit”. A couple seconds later, it was obvious that the benches were vacant and there weren’t any cars there. The groundskeepers evidently made a gallant effort, but the clay infield was a bit too sticky.
Rained out. And worse yet, rained out on a day when the Cardinals are off. GRRRRR!