Let's have a staring contest. That's more or less what a big Illinois buck did recently with a photographer. To add an additional degree of difficulty, he did it while drooling. A lot.

Here's how the outdoorsman described this face-to-snout encounter:

What is the closest you have seen of a beautiful big buck like this? Watch his facial expressions, his drooling, his breathing, his eyeballs as they stare right at you and right into your soul! For your convenience I had to fast forward this stare down, just so you might have a chance to win!

You'll be grateful that he fast-forwards his video to spare you about 5 minutes of this stare-down.

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Seeing this much drool makes me wonder if this was captured during this buck's rutting season. That's a lot of deer slobber.

Kapper Outdoors via YouTube
Kapper Outdoors via YouTube

The drooling Illinois buck had those commenting on YouTube drooling:

Jerry Beaver - "Definitely a mouth breather"

Joey Fort - "That’s a horse with antlers lol"

Roy Peavy - "Nice buck he will be a boozer next year if he makes it"

Mike Dobson - "He's a perty one, looks mature 👌"

I'd love to have the zoom that the guy who captured the video has. As he scaled back near the end of the video, it reveals he was probably a 100 yards away from this big buck. Probably why he was able to get such a long encounter without spooking Bambi.

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