A breaking news situation is developing at an elementary school in Dallas City, Illinois.

The office of Dallas City E.S.D. No. 327 superintendent Dr. Ryan Olson says a report of an intruder at Dallas City Elementary School led to the activation of the school's Emergency Response Plan at approximately 9:15 this morning. Law enforcement was notified and the school was searched and cleared.

According to a Facebook post from KBUR radio in Burlington, police in tactical gear were observed escorting groups of students from the school.

School activities resumed after law enforcement released the building back to Dallas City E.S.D. No. 327. The superintendent's office says that staff and students executed the Emergency Response Plan successfully, and at no time were students in danger.

A call to the Hancock County Sheriff's Department was not returned.

Dallas City is small community with a population of around 1000 people on the Illinois/Iowa border in Hancock and Henderson counties.