The tiny home trend is exploding as more people are minimalizing their lives of stuff. Do you think you could shrink your life into a 400 square foot tiny home like this one near Wentzville, Missouri? Let's find out.

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A new video share on YouTube first brought my attention to this neat home in Moscow Mills, Missouri near Wentzville. It's also on a tiny homes website which included pictures to give you an idea what it's like inside.

A 400 Square Foot Tiny Home Near Wentzville, Missouri

Hillary is the one who shared the pics on the tiny home website and included these details on why they're letting it go:

My husband and I designed this home and had it delivered in April 2021. It is just under 400 square feet and currently located just outside Wentzville, Missouri. We invested in premium upgrades because we planned to live here for many years. We are relocating internationally and just spent six months abroad, so the home has only been occupied for six months.

There's a popular Netflix show called The Minimalists which gives tips on how to improve your life by having less stuff.

As of this writing, they're asking $125,000. I've seen tiny homes similar to this sell for a lot more and I believe they're willing to leave it furnished which would be convenient. You can check out the full listing for more pics, details and updates.

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