The City of Quincy will begin a Wheeled Garbage Tote sign up on Monday May 5 through Friday June 6. Sign ups will be held in the Water Department on the 2nd floor at City Hall.  You may call to sign up at (217) 228-4580 if you have a password on your water account. If not, you must sign up in person at City Hall.

At this time there is no set start date of the tote service but the city needs to determine the number of residents that will be participating. There will not be another sign up until approximately 6 months after program begins. No late sign- ups will be accepted.

The 95 gallon wheeled tote with lid will cost $60.00 for a 1-time lease tote fee that will be billed when service begins. A $12.99 monthly residential charge will be billed on a customer's water bill quarterly when the service does begin. The City of Quincy will notify each resident that signs up for the service 30 days prior to program start time when their tote will be delivered and when their service will begin once a date has been determined. The estimated start time is January 2015.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marty Stegeman at 217-228-4520.