Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis says the illegal drug arrests of 21 subjects since May 15th affects more than just the drug pipeline.

Davis says the apprehensions have an overall effect on crime in the city...

"We know if you let this type of activity go unchecked, you will see your violent crime start picking up, and you'll have an erosion in your quality of life."


The arrests come after months of investigations by two full-time narcotics detectives...

"The majority were arrested for distribution and delivery of a controlled substance, and the drugs include heroin, meth, LSD, powdered cocaine, crack cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and marijuana."

Davis says drug enforcement activities will continue to be a priority as long as he is Chief.  But Davis says he doesn't subscribe to the phrase "Winning  the War on Drugs".  He says its more of a matter of disrupting the pipeline and scaring the ones yet to be caught. He said human nature being what it is, illegal drug use will be an ongoing challenge for law enforcement.

Davis said although some of the drugs come from larger metro areas, much of the meth problem is produced locally.

He credits the diligent work of his detectives and officers for conducting an efficient drug sweep while sustaining no injuries to law enforcement or the subjects arrested.