If you start to see open jobs for Canadian companies here in the Land of Lincoln don't be alarmed, it's not a scam, it's what the leaders in Illinois are trying to make happen. Here are the details we know so far...

According to an article from Yahoo! Finance, there is a new campaign launching in Canada from Illinois that is going to attempt to lure Canadian businesses to the Land of Lincoln. In the article, they say "Intersect Illinois selected Canada as its first international country to target for business attraction with its digital campaign. "Be in Illinois" highlights Illinois as the global business destination in the heart of the U.S. with all the right assets to help Canadian businesses accelerate growth."

The article goes on to mention how Illinois and Canada have long had good business relationships due to only being separated by Lake Michigan. And that Illinois is home to the US's 5th largest economy with over 30 Fortune 500 companies already headquartered here in the state. For more information on this attempt to lure Canadian business to Illinois, click here!

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I like this idea!

It makes total sense for Illinois to target companies headquartered in Canada to come move their business to our state if they relocate to the US, or if they want to start a US hub. Chicago is much closer to Canada's major cities than California, and the culture of Chicago is closer to Toronto's culture, compared to NYC and Toronto. Illinois should be marketing itself to European countries as well, Chicago is an international city with more European ties than any West Coast city, or any of the big cities in the South.

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