Allow me to put in another good word for the mini-golf tournament at Sawyer's Creek this weekend. Jeanne Youngwirth and the folks at Sawyer's Creek have put forth a lot of effort over the last year to get their course certified by the U.S. Professional Mini-Golf Association, leading to the chance to host the Missouri State Open Saturday and Sunday. The pro winners this weekend will have the opportunity to play in the U.S. Open in July in the Chicago area. There are amateur and youth divisions, as well, so you will have the chance to play with the pros without having to compete against the pros. And, there are prizes for the top amateurs -- first prize is $250, second is $150 and third prize is two Cardinal baseball tickets.

Plus, you can come Friday night for a one round benefit tourney for Leaps of Love.

For more information on all that's going on this weekend, go to

I'll see you there.