HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) - A 9-month-old Yorkie named Rambo wasn't about to leave without his master, even if it meant waiting alone at a Missouri rest area for two days.

The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that Arkansas trucker Michael Siau stopped at the rest area near Hannibal on Friday. Rambo jumped out of the rig, but Siau, thinking the dog was in the back asleep, didn't realize it.

Siau made it all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 170 miles to the north, before he realized Rambo was gone. After several frantic calls, a Hannibal animal control officer found the little dog Sunday still at the rest stop, patiently waiting for Siau's return.

Siau and Rambo were reunited Tuesday, the little dog leaping onto his shoulder and kissing his neck.

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