How much do you trust weather forecasters? Do you trust new technology more or old-school forecasting like Farmer's Almanac? How you answered will decide how you feel about the brand new Farmer's Almanac prediction about spring in Missouri in 2024.

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As I write this, the temperature in Missouri is below zero in most places with only a modest bump up on Wednesday to maybe 20 (above I hope). That's why it's a bit odd to share the brand new Farmer's Almanac forecast for spring 2024.

What does Farmer's Almanac say about springtime in Missouri in 2024?

Does the word "early" put a smile on your face? Good, because that's what they're predicting. EARLY SPRING. They also shared the phrase "warmer than normal". I like it a lot.

But wait, there's more...

I really hope that Farmer's Almanac is right about spring 2024 in Missouri in regards to precipitation as the state has been hammered by terrible drought. They say "wetter than normal" for the Heartland (aka Missouri).

It's not a big spring party for everyone though as they predict that the "upper Midwest" will see colder than normal temperatures than the rest of the middle of the country.

Here's what they predict for temps through October of 2024 for Missouri.

Infographic, Farmer's Almanac
Infographic, Farmer's Almanac

Here's the bottom line and the exact quote from Farmer's Almanac to focus on for Missouri:

The updated 2024 Spring Weather Forecast favors an early spring with a few exceptions.

To sentences in response to that:

1. Don't let Missouri be one of the excemptions.

2. BRING IT ON (meaning Spring)

Check out the full Farmer's Almanac 2024 Spring forecast for more juicy bits about what will hopefully mean warmer weather sooner rather than later.

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