Game 1 hinged on defense.

Pete Kozma commits two errors, David Freese is charged with an error and Yadier Molina made a rare mistake in going after that pop fly and apparently spooking Adam Wainwright. That's all it takes in this game. The gates were open and the Red Sox cashed in.

Kozma’s defense made me wonder if he found an old Ray Busse model glove somewhere in a Busch Stadium store room and decided to try it out.  …Maybe he should have borrowed some of that alleged substance in Jon Lester’s glove.

Adam Wainwright wasn’t lights out, but he pitched well. There were only two well struck balls. Carlos Beltran kept the second one from being a grand slam.

Before Cardinal fans get too far down or Red Sox fans get too excited, they might want to ask Milwaukee Brewer fans how that 10-0 win in Game 1 of the 1982 series worked out for them.

Every time I see a shot of the Red Sox dugout, I wonder if some sort of casting call for extras on Duck Dynasty is underway.  …Or are the Red Sox splitting up into several ZZ-Top tribute bands after the Series ends?