Homework. A dreaded word when we were in school.

I still have a lot of homework, over thirty years after graduating from college. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Calling a football game requires the most pregame effort of the sports I call. Here's a summary of the last few days leading up to Saturday's Hannibal-MICDS quarterfinal game on 97.9 KICK FM.

Saturday. Checked through the scores from Friday night and check Scorestream (frequently) for the MICDS/Hazelwood East game while snarling at the radio and Mizzou's slow start against Vanderbilt. Get some of the sleep I didn't get after getting in from Ft. Zumwalt East around 2 a-m Saturday.

Sunday. Away from the TV by design. Listened to the Chiefs handle the Cardinals. One of the good things about that was not having to look at the Cardinals ugly road uniforms.  The uniforms they wore in St. Louis were classic. Their current uniforms are very 1990's. Listening to the Chiefs is a must here. Mitch Holthus may be the king of homework. And it really shows in his football--and basketball work.

Monday--.Stat gathering day for the next game. Hannibal's football program is great about getting current info to us each week. The St Louis Post Dispatch and STLToday do a nice job with the St. Louis area programs. it was very easy to hunt down what I need on MICDS this week. During the regular season, Monday is also a day used accumulating information on all upcoming regular season opponents. I maintain an old fashioned newspaper clip file on everyone. Very easy with the internet.

Tuesday- Start video review on the next opponent. HUDL is a wonderful thing. Start in on the paperwork. Start updating the above pictured spotting board. Start roughing in whatever is going to be in pregame.

Wednesday--More video. More work on the spotting board. Push along on assembling pregame.

Thursday-- Get the pregame show ready for air. Finish off the spotting board. The goal is to be completely ready 24 hours before air time. If I have public address work on Saturday for Culver Stockton or Quincy Univiersity, Thursday includes some review work for that game too. Sometimes, it's not a good idea to disturb me after around 2 p-m on Thursdays. I have been know to answer the phone with; "This better be good.."

Friday--Regular working morning. Get a good nap and hit the road for wherever the game is on Friday night. With a Saturday game this week, Friday is a bonus prep day. I've also got a couple basketball games to work at Quincy University.

Saturday/game day-- Be 100 percent sure everything is in the equipment bags. Arrive at the game site about two hours before kickoff.

Sunday--Start in on the semifinals? Or basketball.


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