August 2015 goes into the history books as one that was cooler and dryer than normal in Amerca’s Hometown.

The weather numbers from the Hannibal Filter Plant show an unseasonably cool August.

There were only two days of highs of 90 or above, with the mercury reaching 93 on the 2nd and 90 on the 31st. In between, there were seven days during the month with highs in the 70s, and on the 19th and the 24th, highs didn’t get out of the 60s.

For the first time since April, Hannibal got less than the average rainfall for the month. The Filter Plant recorded 1.93 inches of precip, a little less than half the normal amount.

The rainiest day in August was the 5th, when .71 of an inch of rain fell in Hannibal.

Kurt Parsons