What you're about to see is not from Texas even though it looks like something that would be way more common in the Lonestar State. It's an armadillo that was spotted on the run in extreme east-central Illinois and I have a photo to prove it.

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Big thanks to Meteorologist Jacob Dickey of WCIA 3 for allowing me to share a photo that was captured in Catlin, Illinois. Yes, this really is an armadillo.

If you're not familiar with Catlin, Illinois, it's not far from Danville. Just a little further eastward and you're gonna see armadillos at the Indy 500.

Google Maps Satellite View/Canva
Google Maps Satellite View/Canva

As Axios mentions, this is more proof that armadillos are expanding northward. They add "the mammals have been spotted recently as far north as Missouri, southern Illinois, Iowa and up to North Carolina". The Chicago Tribune mentioned a couple years ago that these armored creatures had invaded Illinois. Now we have even more proof.

Why are we now seeing armadillos in east-central Illinois?

Some experts seem to think that humans have eliminated many predators that previously would have kept armadillos out of the northern regions.

Thanks again to Meteorologist Jacob Dickey of WCIA 3 for the awesome photo share. It's interesting to see what new creatures will suddenly appear in the Land of Lincoln.

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