Is it just me, or is the phrase, "Invasive species" showing up in the news more these days?

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Farmers of a certain age will remember the multi-flora rose, which seemed like a good idea in the beginning, and then they found out they couldn't get rid of it.

More recently, the Asian Carp has made its way from the Great Lakes down the Illinois River. Catch all you want, but about all they're good for is fertilizer and cat food.

The latest species to make the news is the Jumping Worm.

Apparently, the Jumping Worm has been in the United States for over a hundred years, but only recently has made its way to the Midwest. Whether you're a farmer, a gardener or just want your lawn to look nice, Jumping Worms are bad news.

They're called Jumping Worms because if you bother them, they will jump and squirm and even shed their tails.

What makes Jumping Worms so destructive is the fact that they consume organic matter in the soil. They change the structure of the soil, depleting it of its nutrients

Natural predators for the Jumping Worm are few, although moles will eat them.

Experts say the best way to avoid spreading Jumping Worms is for gardeners not to share soil or compost and to purchase compost and mulch that has been heated to reduce the spread of the eggs.

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