After the catastrophic storms that moved through the Midwest Friday, a forecast that calls for high winds and possibly strong storms for Wednesday night gets our attention.

While the National Weather Service does have a Wind Advisory going into effect for northeast Missouri and Western Illinois from noon Wednesday through 2 a.m. Thursday, forecasters are calling for a good chance of rain and thunderstorms, but are not expecting severe weather for our corner of the world.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The Wind Advisory is calling for wind gusts as high as 55 miles per hour Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.

As far as the possibility of storms Wednesday night, forecasters are saying there is a slight chance of thunderstorms tonight, with winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour in the storms.

A better chance of severe storms is predicted for Iowa and north central Missouri. The NWS is calling for an enhanced risk of severe weather, with the risk lessening closer to the Mississippi River.

Forecasters say the high winds will be the primary severe weather threat, with a few tornadoes being secondary threats.

While those who get paid to predict these things are saying the Hannibal/Quincy shouldn't be concerned about severe weather Wednesday night, we can be excused if we cast a wary eye on the sky until early Thursday morning.

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