Fall is the season for football, hoodies, and chili! Chili just hits differently when the weather starts to cool down, and one food website says they found the best chili in the Show-Me State...

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According to the foodie website called eatthis.com, the best chili in Missouri is at a place called Carl's Drive-In located in Brentwood, Missouri. Carl's is in the suburbs of St. Louis not too far away from Forest Park, and the website says...

"Since 1959, this famous cash-only eatery, housed in an old service station, has been making delicious chili that pairs amazingly with their homemade root beer floats. But be beware, says one reviewer, "The chili is meaty and flavorful and usually comes out hot enough to melt steel so give it a minute or two to cool.""

I have never been to (or heard of) Carl's Drive-In so I went to their website to look them up and let me tell you this place looks incredible. Their website says they have been in operation since 1959, and their menu has other items besides chili like their Curly Q Hot Dog, the Triple Cheeseburger, and of course Onion Rings. But the chili is the star of the menu, you can get a footlong chili dog, or chili 3 ways, a Frito pie, and a tamale with chili.  To learn more about Carl's Drive-In just click here! 

Carl's Drive-In has immediately jumped to the top of my "Must Eat Places in St. Louis" list. The history of the place combined with the menu, make it seem like the perfect spot for me to check out.

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