It was the night of April 23, 1999. The St. Louis Cardinals were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. History would be made in just 1 inning that night when Fernando Tatis did what no player had ever done before: Hit 2 grand slams in just 1 inning.

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The Dodgers pitcher that night was Chan Ho Park, a very accomplished player in his own right. It wasn't often when he allowed the bases to be loaded in the first place. Even less likely that it would happen twice with Fernando Tatis at the plate with the same result both times.

No one had ever hit 2 grand slams in 1 inning before and no one has done it since. It's a baseball record that is unlikely to ever be broken. documented what happened that night. They shared the odds of this happening just once:

12 million to one

MLB also shared an interesting stat that only 10 times in history has a player come up with the bases loaded twice in one inning. None of those players even managed 1 grand slam. That night Fernando Tatis got two and it's a night no St. Louis Cardinals (or baseball) fan will ever forget.

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