Could I interest you in some cheese? Lots and lots of cheese...buried underground in Missouri. It's a spacious 400,000 square foot cheese cave and I can prove its existence below Springfield, Missouri.

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I saw this topic come up on the Missouri sub-Reddit. It's an article referencing Kraft's underground storage area in the caves below Springfield that was also covered by Wired some time ago. "Cave" sounds kind of primitive considering this cheese storage is really a well-manicured and engineered refrigerated storage area. Many a trucker has shared video of their deliveries and pickups from this underground lair of...cheese.

This trucker claims there's macaroni down there, too. A Missouri macaroni and cheese cave. Wonderful.

The Wired article mentions that the Kraft cheese cave has a constant natural 58 degrees which is the perfect chill temp for...cheese. They claim the above-ground pump goes through 13,000 gallons of cheese PER DAY. That's ALL CAPS because that's a ton of cheese.

An article from Good states that there's Velveeta down in the Springfield caves along with Lunchables, Jell-O and Oscar Meyer meats. It's a massive snack room in waiting basically.

Imagine what would happen if a mouse kingdom discovered this place? I shudder the thought. Nothing to worry about as this is a well-maintained and secure cheese cave that Kraft has been using since 2008 and likely will forever. Yes, Missouri will likely always be home to one of the biggest cheese caves in the world. Something to be proud of.

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