Wisconsin is known for their cheese, but apparently, if you love cheese the best city to live in is in Illinois NOT Wisconsin.

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Chicago has been ranked as the number one city in the country for cheese lovers ahead of any city out of the cheese-loving state of Wisconsin, according to lawnstarter.com.

In their rankings, Chicago comes in at number 1, just ahead of Modesto, California, San Fransisco, Jersey City, New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and then FINALLY a city from Wisconsin (the best city in Wisconsin in my opinion) Madison, WI comes in at 7th on the list. So how did they come to these rankings? Well, they use metrics like most cheese shops per square mile, Farmer's markets that offer cheese, prices of cheese, and cheese-related events that happen in the city. To see the full list of rankings click here!

To be honest with you I am not surprised that Chicago comes in at number one on this list, Chicago has a ton of Wisconsin transplants, cheese is beloved in the cold midwest, and Chicago is the biggest city and capital of the Midwest it makes sense. When I lived in Chicago for 5 years I will say that you can get great cheese in every neighborhood, and there are a lot of events in the city where cheese is a star on the menu, plus you can't make good deep dish pizza without a ton of delicious cheese from Wisconsin.

For our listeners on the other side of the Mississippi River well if you are looking for good cheese in Missouri it's not easy to find, Kansas City is the highest-ranking Missouri city coming in at 29th on the list.

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