I don't know about you, but I not only have favorite songs for the holidays, but specific artists' versions of these favorites. So, if I was putting together a Christmas CD (or iPod, or 8 Track, or whatever) these are some of the songs that would be on it - in no particular order:

White Christmas - has to be Bing Crosby

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - has to be Andy Williams

Carol of the Belles - Although Trans Siberian Orchestra and Celtic Women's version are just fine, I prefer David Foster's version. If you've ever been to Silver Dollar City at Christmastime, I don't have to explain.

Mary Did You Know? - The first version I heard was by Kathy Mattea, but after I heard the story of how the song came to be written, and running on the assumption that the person who wrote it should get preference, my favorite version changed to Mark Lowery.

The Christmas Song - Same thing. First choice was Nat King Cole, then changed to Mel Torme.

Sleigh Ride - has to be Arthur Fiedler's Boston Pops

Do You Hear What I Hear? - Another result of repeated visits to Silver Dollar City - there's a gospel that used to perform there called the Chosen Few. They did a version of this song that became my version of choice.

Silent Night - Of all the versions out there, my play list would have Mannheim Steamroller's rendition on it.

The Christmas Guest - There are other versions out there, but for me, the definitive take on this recitation came from Grandpa Jones.

Christmas in Dixie - As far as I know, the only version of this song was done by Alabama.

OK, there's ten. I'm sure you've looked at this list, and either have your own favorites or have looked at my picks and said, "What the heck is he thinking?"

So, what say you? I look forward to seeing your additions and/or revisions.