The first full week of 2015 is expected to be a bitterly cold one in northeast Missouri and western Illinois.

The area dodged a bullet over the weekend precipitation-wise, winding up with rain Saturday and a light dusting of snow Sunday. Starting Tuesday night, however, National Weather Service forecasters say we will bear the full brunt of an arctic cold front.

There is a slight chance of snow late Monday afternoon through midnight. High temperatures Monday and Tuesday will get to the low 20s, with a low Monday night in the upper teens.


Tuesday night is when the bottom falls out, with a low of one-above predicted. There will be sunshine Wednesday, with a high of only three-above, and a low Wednesday night of minus-four. There will also be blustery conditions, so sub-zero wind chills will also be a part of the mid-week weather equation.

Temperatures bounce back, sort of, Thursday through Sunday, with high running from the upper teens to the mid-20s Thursday through Saturday to 30 on Sunday. Lows will dip to the high single digits to the low teens Thursday and Friday to the upper teens Saturday.

There is also a slight chance of snow Saturday and Saturday night.

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