We have a couple of weddings coming up here at the station. Jennifer and Jason are getting married this Saturday, and Doreen and Les are tying the knot in three weeks.

I'll be a spectator in one and the officiant in the other, but that's another story.

I don't know about you, but being involved in a wedding causes me to remember my wedding day. Or, at least, my second one.

In 1995, I was focused on being a single dad with two teenage boys, giving no thought to, nor having any desire to, remarry. But, as so often happens, God had other plans. The church I was attending welcomed its first female pastor -- every bit a lady, but also perfectly comfortable at the Liar's Table at the local cafe.

We became friends, but, like I said, I had the single dad thing going on, and besides, she had a policy against dating members of her congregation (she had never been married).

But, God decided that this relationship should evolve. Long story short, we met on New Year's Day, and were married on Veteran's Day.

These days, when I see a couple seeking to set out on that journey, and see "that look" in their eyes, I make it a point to look at one of the pictures we had taken at our wedding. It's a shot of our first dance, looking into each other's eyes with smiles on our faces. It reminds me of how we felt about each at that moment. And my prayer for each new couple is that they have that same feeling, and never lose it.