Another absurdly unscientific poll is in the books, and once again, the winner is….voter fraud!

That’s right. You may remember a couple weeks ago we asked you what fast food restaurant should come to Hannibal next, and you didn’t disappoint. Not unlike the evil genius that voted “White Castle” 217 times for the Quincy edition, Hannibal had its own share of “vote early, vote often” foodies.

So again, I pulled the 3,223 votes and threw out all the duplicates leaving 1,443 individual votes. And without further ado, here are your top ten choices. Take note, aspiring franchisees. This is what the people want!

  • 10

    Jack In The Box

    4.2 percent of votes
    Al Lusby via Youtube
  • 9


    5.1 percent of votes
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  • 8

    White Castle

    5.6 percent of votes
    Jack Gower via Youtube
  • 7


    5.9 percent of votes
    Ghost Heart via Youtube
  • 6


    7.1 percent of votes
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  • 5

    Panera Bread

    8.5 percent of votes
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    But would we call it "St. Louis Bread Co"?

  • 4

    Steak n' Shake

    10.6 percent of votes
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  • 3

    Cracker Barrel

    14.4 percent of votes
    SolarFusionSoftware via Youtube

    Not technically "fast food", but I'll allow it.

  • 2


    17.2 percent of votes
    Jimmysommers Wildfox via Youtube

    Jon Stewart's horsey-sauced nemesis was the heavy favorite out of the gate, but could not hold onto an early lead.

  • 1


    21.5 percent of votes
    Getty Images

    That's right! Mirroring your neighbors on the other side of the river, Hannibal residents want to "Eat Mor Chikin".