If you want to find true redneck vehicular genius, look no further than Illinois. Don't believe me? I present for your approval a genius here in the Land of Lincoln who turned his farm truck into a true super-fast racing boat.

Here's the backstory for this new water invention as thought of by the mind of an Illinoisan:

Farm truck and AZN racing their farm boat at thunder on the chain, at Blarney island in Antioch Illinois.

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I've watched this more than once and I'm not even sorry a little bit.

By the way, if you've never been to Thunder on the Chain near Antioch, Illinois, it really is a spectacle. Antioch is located to the northwest of Chicago on a lake (duh). They race just about every Thursday night from what I understand. Would highly recommend you follow them on Facebook for more details if you're up for an aquatic road trip.

As for how the guy turned his farm truck into a speedboat, I have no idea. The one thing I am sure of is I would love to shake his hand for a job well done. It doesn't get much more Illinois redneck genius than this.

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