St. Louis, Missouri can't seem to catch a break from the weather. Another round of thunderstorms going through the metro area has caused yet another scene of flash flooding showing a suburb underwater - again.

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KSDK out of St. Louis captured drone video of Rock Hill, Missouri which is a suburb in the western part of the metro St. Louis area. Storms Thursday caused the Deer Creek to overflow according to their report and this was the result.

As CNN reported, there was a flash flood warning issued for St. Louis on Thursday morning heavy rainfall once again causing dangerous conditions for the residents there. They received several inches of rain in a very short period of time which naturally led to the flash flooding.

According to the description on the KSDK video share, many residents had to be rescued from the flood waters. It's yet another example of the wildly differing weather in different parts of Missouri. While many parts of the state remain in drought conditions, the St. Louis area keeps ending up on the receiving end of fast and heavy rainfall.

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