This is...disgusting. Explorers recently investigated a hospital that's been vacant for over 20 years and found blood samples and x-rays still lying on the floor. Somebody get a broom.

If you find abandoned buildings interesting, you need to follow Steve Ronin on YouTube. He quite literally takes adventures every week and he just documented the creepy findings inside of an abandoned hospital:

This hospital has been closed for 20+ years. They had a lot of difficult financial issues and in the 1970s they had closed only to reopen and have the same problems it faced before ultimately leading to its abandonment.

Disgusting (and likely illegal) doesn't even begin to describing this place.

The YouTube comments mentioned something I thought of and that is many warned Steve and his fellow explorers to mask and glove up when checking out former medical facilities like this place.

If you're not familiar with HIPAA law, this facility may have violated all of them. For x-rays and records to be left where anyone could find them makes any former patients or families that dealt with this hospital open to privacy invasion. The fact that drugs were not disposed of when this hospital was shut down just adds to the disaster.

The hope in sharing this video is enough uproar can be created so whoever is responsible will get it cleaned up. While the location was not given for obvious reasons, this hospital/facility needs to be made safe immediately.

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