There are a few less violent criminals on the streets of Wisconsin thanks to a surprise operation just completed by the United States Marshals. They just dropped the hammer on 260 violent criminals in the southeastern part of the state.

The United States Marshals just announced in a press release that "Operation Big Top" was a huge success as they focused their efforts on southeastern Wisconsin. Just look at these numbers:

  • Total Arrests:  260 (29 on Homicide)
  • Warrants Cleared: 437
  • Gang members: 28
  • Firearms seized: 83
  • Narcotics seized: 132.8 kg
  • U.S. Currency seized: $84,547.00
  • Vehicles seized: 1

This was a huge effort not just by the US Marshals but also the following law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin who helped including "Milwaukee, Racine, and Wauwatosa Police Departments, Milwaukee and Waukesha Sheriffs Offices, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and Federal partners ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and HSI (Homeland Security Investigations)".

“I could not be prouder of the collaborative work our Task Force does,” said U.S. Marshal Anna Ruzinski, “Day after day this group is relentless on hunting and arresting violent fugitives, while keeping the community and all involved safe. It does have a positive impact on combatting crime.”

Operation Big Top was focused on the 4 main urban areas of southeastern Wisconsin and those efforts have greatly reduced the number of wanted on the streets in that part of the state.

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Gallery Credit: US Marshals

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