(Quincy, Ill)--Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning says the fire at 422 Maiden Lane that left one person dead Wednesday night was incendiary in nature. Daniel Dietrich perished in that fire. He was the only person in the home.  Henning says the Quincy Police Department will be continuing the investigation and issuing updates as they become available.

The second fire broke out at 917 North 4th Street shortly after noon today. All the occupants were able to escape without injury, but there is major damage to the two-story home.  Kate Rhoads, Emergency Services Manager at the Red Cross in Quincy says her disaster team responded shortly thereafter.  Rhoads describes the scene:

Rhoads tells how folks can help...

A Quincy Fire Department Press Release says the North 4th Street fire was caused by an improperly used/maintained extension cord.