It's not easy being Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce. Oh, wait. It probably kind of is. Still, it's a little odd that many people seem to be spying on Travis Kelce's Kansas City, Missouri mansion on Google Earth.

It's become rather common knowledge that Travis Kelce bought a new mansion in the Loch Lloyd area of Kansas City a year or two ago after he sold a previous home. Golf legend Tom Watson and Chief teammate (and NFL MVP) Patrick Mahomes also live in that part of KC.

I haven't shared Travis Kelce's home address out of respect for his privacy, but it appears that the internet is still nosing around anyway and playing voyeur via Google Earth at Travis Kelce's new Kansas City, Missouri digs.

I have to wonder if onlookers are hoping to spot Taylor Swift visiting Travis home on Google Earth? Hey, what is that little dot on the map? Oh, wait. It's dust on my computer screen and not Taylor. Sorry.

I suppose there's no harm to zoom in and out of Google Earth to see how someone like Travis Kelce lives. It's just a bit odd to see such interest in vague little polygons representing where Mr. Kelce spends his spare time when he's not busy being famous on podcasts and/or helping the Chiefs win another Super Bowl.

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