It looks like a very ordinary Missouri home, but when you listen to the stories, you begin to understand the horrifying legend of what is known as 'The Woman in Black' in Webster Groves.

I won't give the exact address since someone apparently lives there now. It's in Webster Groves, Missouri and a lot has happened here since it was built in 1890. Some have even referred to it as Missouri's most haunted house. This is why.

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The strange happenings began in the 1950's when a woman was awoken at 2am on consecutive nights. Soon after her husband witnessed what looked like headlights moving through the home. Their daughter would later tell the story of how a woman in black tried to hit her with a broom, but when she tried it didn't hurt. The family sold the house and moved out for good reason.

Multiple owners noticed that the house took on a different night. Something sinister.

Visible apparitions could be seen walking the halls and footsteps heard in the attic. Sound of children playing in the kitchen on the wooden floors.  When the woman investigated the sounds of what she thought was her daughter, her child was not there. But, there was a toolbox she had never seen before and something had etched a name in the floor which she could not read.

The family dog refused to even go down into the basement no matter how hard they tried. They eventually sold the house just like the previous owners had done.

Reports are that the current owners still encounter the woman in black and her child. A comment on YouTube also confirmed that they live in Webster Groves and the owners leave a light on in the attic 24 hours a day. After all, you don't want to investigate sounds in that part of the the dark.

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