It's funny what some people consider a "vacation". For some, that apparently includes visiting a haunted Missouri cemetery where there's a decent chance you'll leave with scratches and scars from the experience.

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I'm not kidding about the "vacation" part. Vacations Made Easy compiled a bucket list of places you can visit in Missouri for a paranormal experience. Among the places on their list is Peace Church Cemetery near Joplin, Missouri. The problem with Peace Church Cemetery is it's also reportedly the last resting place for a mass murderer named Billy Cook who killed a half dozen people back in the 1950's. They say that Billy was executed in the gas chamber for his crimes, but those visiting his grave claim he's not resting at all.

It's no secret that Billy was evil as his death toll included a family of 5 according to his Wikipedia page. What's Billy doing now? If you believe the account shared by Vacations Made Easy, he's leaving those that visit Peace Cemetery saying they "have reported objects being thrown at them, apparitions, and some even leave with inexplicable scratches lining their arms".

Here's a creepy music-related side note. According to Wikipedia, Billy Cook is said to have been the "inspiration" for a script Jim Morrison was said to have worked on involving a hitchhiker and The Doors song "Riders on the Storm" may very well have had Billy's villainous crimes at its heart.

Now, you'll never hear that song the same way again especially if you dare to visit Peace Church Cemetery in Joplin where Billy remains.

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