If you buy a new phone and/or plan on changing your phone number and you live in the 573 part of Missouri, you'll be getting a new area code soon.

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Fox 2 out of St. Louis shared news today that the North American Numbering Plan Administrator let the Missouri Public Service Commission know that there's a need for a new area code as the 573 numbers will be exhausted by next year. The new area code?


There's no worry if you currently have a 573 area code about having to change. According to the Fox 2 report, that's not happening. No one who has a 573 area code right now will be moved to the new area code. This is just for new customers who need a new number and live in that part of Missouri or someone who needs to change in the future.

I remember when 314 was the Missouri area code and then in the mid-90's, the 573 area code was introduced. Times they are a changing. Again.

They say there is no date for when the 235 area code is coming, but it is coming sooner rather than later.

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