Gather round as I have a whopper of a story to share. It's the totally true story of a big stinky Bigfoot in Branson, Missouri.

One of the go-to YouTube channels for great Bigfoot content is Bigfoot Experience. They do a great job telling the story of a man who once saw a Missouri Bigfoot with body odor issues.

You just know this is gonna be good and I promise it does not disappoint.

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The man had an interest in Bigfoot, but his family did not. That changed with...a smell. His wife was at the edge of the property had smelled something awful and she quickly accuses her husband who is shockingly not responsible for the stink. He went to where she was and smelled what she smelled and the stank nearly caused a dry heave.

The bad smell continued off and on for the next couple weeks. Their neighbors smelled it too. The stank occupied the size of 2 football fields.

The smell eventually became very real as the man saw a dark figure nearly 10 feet tall. A few days later, his wife saw it too. She spilled her tea all over herself when she jumped up and her husband grabbed his gun. He tried to hide the rifle hoping that Bigfoot wouldn't see he was armed. (Good Bigfoot strategy)

They both believed the huge 10 foot smelly Bigfoot they saw looked like a big hairy version of The Incredible Hulk. The huge figure eventually disappeared into the woods.

After an hour, they heard and saw nothing else so decided to go investigate the area of the woods where stinky Bigfoot disappeared into. They found a footprint 21 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. They made plaster and cast a mold out of the footprint and mounted that over their mantle where it stayed for years. It was eventually knocked off and broken by their dog. What a doggone shame.

If you found that interesting and/or entertaining, I highly recommend you check out The Travel Channel show "Expedition Bigfoot". Very interesting investigation that so far has not found any sasquatch that stink as bad as the one in Branson, Missouri.

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