(BOWLING GREEN)--   A Frankford woman who admitted at trial that she tried to destroy evidence used to convict her lover of murder now faces charges of her own. 40-year-old Rebecca Jeanne Kirk was charged Wednesday in Pike County with two felony counts of tampering with evidence.

Michael Rose

The affidavit alleges that Kirk damaged or tried to destroy a rifle, ammunition and clothing at the request of Calvin Duane Petty on April 15th of 2010.

Petty was having an affair with Kirk even as he was engaged to Sandra Fugate of Hannibal. He was convicted in June of murdering Fugate on the same day Petty admitted the murder to Kirk. The killing happened just two days before Petty and the victim were to be married.    Kirk admitted on the witness stand at Petty’s trial that she followed through on the  defendant’s request to destroy evidence.

A court hearing for Kirk had not been set Wednesday, but the next available date is January 9.