(HANNIBAL)—Ribbon cutting ceremonies mark the opening of Stardust Extension from the Huck Finn Shopping Center area to Veterans Road.

Hannibal City manager Jeff LeGarce says some work remains to be done:

We have probably 85% of the corridor planned out, in terms of where we're going to put different traffic calming devices to keep people driving the posted speed limit of the street, because it is going to be a large throughway, now. And we welcome that, but we also encourage people to drive the speed limit. The stop signs will help at the intersections  but we're going to be putting some speed tables in at select locations along this corridor.

LeGarce explains about the “calming tables”. They’re different from speed bumps:

A speed table is more of a elongated ten to twelve foot elevated platform that’s maybe elevated two to three inches, and there’s no bump to it so much as you have angles upon which the motorist drives.

LeGarce says motorists will notice those speed tables if the cross them above the posted speed limit. Money from a sales tax enacted in 2008 paid for the project. Design work started in 2011. LeGarce says the only hiccup was discovery of some water lines that weren't where they were believed to be located.

Stardust Extension as viewed from just east of Veterans Road.
KHMO photo