Authorities in Adams County made six more arrests on drug related charges Thursday.

Federal indictments resulted in the arrests of 26 year old Curtis Wagy of Jacksonville and 24 year old Cassandra Cookson, 34 year old Leslie Luckett, 32 year old Penny Luckett, 31 year old Aaron Gibbons and 38 year old Bryan Parrick, all of Quincy.

Wagy and Cookson are charged with failure to appear for possession of meth, with Wagy also charged with failure to appear for driving revoked.
Leslie Luckett is charged with unlawful delivery of cannabis, Penny Luckett for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, Gibbons and Patrick for possession of meth, with Patrick also charged with fleeing.

This makes 13 warrant arrests made by authorities in Adams County since Wednesday.

Agencies taking part in the sweep included the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the West Central Illinois Task Force, Quincy Police and the Illinois State Police Meth Response Team.