I don't normally send out Christmas cards. Call me Scrooge if you want, but I'm just not a Christmas card kind of guy. But, I will be making an exception this year. A prayer group I am a part of in Hannibal made me aware of a young girl in Bowling Green that is fighting brain and spinal cancer. Her name is Abbi Lucas. And, if I get my way, we'll have so many "get well" and "Christmas" cards sent to Abbi, the postal carrier will have to rent a C130 to deliver them all.

I spoke with Abbi's mom today and she said that Abbi likes ponies and puppies but would appreciate any type of card as she loves getting mail.  Abbi also has a brother, Connor, who is 10 years old and a sister, Savannah, who is 4.

Here is her address if you would like to join me:

Abbi Lucas, 420 South 14th St, Bowling Green, MO 63334

If you would like to find out more information about Abbi's fight, there is a Facebook page that has been created to support her.