The Quincy Police Department would like to remind motorists that the 20MPH speed limit and cell phone use law will be in effect at three locations this summer. Summer school days are considered an actual school day. To help remind motorists which schools have summer school, we are in the process of placing signage on the thoroughfares  at the below highlighted schools during the dates in which the laws will be in effect. Two locations will host the summer lunch program, Berrian and Washington, and will have School Crossing Guards in place, however the 20 MPH school speed limit will not be in effect. We would still like to remind drivers to be extra careful at these locations as there will be many children in the area walking to and from the schools.

The times listed below indicate when Crossing Guard’s will be working their respective locations and extra caution should be used.

School Location Dates Times
Berrian 8th Van Burren 5/28/-8/14 1030-noon
Washington 8th Sycamore 5/28-8/14 noon-130
Q.J.H. 14th Maine 6/3-6/28 715-815
Q.J.H. 14th Maine 6/3-6/28 1100-noon
Adams 20th Jefferson 5/28-6/27 710-810
Adams 20th Jefferson 5/28-6/27 1100-noon
Baldwin 30th Maine 5/28-6/27 730-830
Baldwin 30th Maine 5/28-6/27 1115-1215



*Press release from the Quincy Police Department