The Salvation Army will build a new thrift store in Quincy.

The Salvation Army has purchased property between 4th and 5th Streets on Broadway in preparation for construction of the new store. The sale of the property closed on Friday, October 11, 2013. The new facility is being designed by Architechnics, In Quincy.

“Our intention is to move the operations of our existing store from Maine Street to the new location, and it is important for the public to understand why we are building this new store,” stated Senior Kroc Officer, Major Andrew Miller. “Our Thrift Store directly supports the homeless population, who rely on our Emergency Shelter. In fact, our store may be the only thrift store in the area that uses its proceeds solely for the purpose of funding a shelter. Our existing Thrift Store operations simply must be updated so that we can fulfill this need." Major Miller further stated, “This Thrift Store project is very different from the other recent projects we have completed in Quincy including the Kroc Center and the Emergency Shelter & Family Services Center. Those projects were largely funded through major donations and fundraising campaigns before we broke ground. We will be taking out a mortgage in order to initiate this project. That is how strongly we believe in it.”

The new building will be directly across 5th Street from the Salvation Army John Gardner Stevenson Emergency Shelter and Family Services Center. The new 25,000 square foot thrift store facility will feature the ability to accept donations through a covered drive-thru donation center, increased floor space and a modern storefront design with parking on site.

Construction of the new store will serve to further consolidate The Salvation Army's operations in Quincy into one central campus with it's epicenter at 5th and Broadway, which will improve efficiency and reducing costs.

Jeff Holliday