Officers from the Quincy Police Department responded to a report of a structure fire at 1330 N. 8th Street just before 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27th. The caller reported she was inside the upstairs apartment with her boyfriend and 9-month old child. Their only exit, an upstairs back porch, was blocked by the fire. Officers and supervisors from QPD arrived on scene and found the back upper porch area fully engulfed in flames. The family was trapped at a north window on the second floor. A supervisor from QPD stayed near the window, speaking with the family to keep them calm. An officer quickly went to the rear of the property and located a 12-foot aluminum ladder and carried it to the window area. Once the ladder was in place, the QPD supervisor climbed up to the family and secured the 9-month old child and carried the baby to safety. The adults were able to then climb down.

It was next determined that two other individuals were still inside the ground floor apartment. A QPD supervisor and officer then forced open the front door of the lower apartment to search for the occupants, unaware they had left out the back door. Finding no human victims inside, the QPD supervisor rescued the family cat and they exited the building. The quick response, calm demeanor and selfless actions of the officers and supervisors from the Quincy Police Department, along with assistance from the Quincy Fire Department saved 3-individuals from certain injury, if not worse.

 *News release from the Quincy Police Department