Quincy Police are investigating four burglaries to motor vehicles and fifteen criminal damage to motor vehicle reports in recent days. Police indicate the incidents occurred between Thursday evening and Monday morning and involved windows damaged by B-B or pellet guns. The reports come from locations throughout Quincy.

Vehicle burglaries were reported in these areas.

1300 block of South 16th.

500 block of North 7th.

Gardner Park

600 block of College.

Criminal damage to vehicle reports came from these areas

1400 block of Payson Ave.

900 block of North 6th.

1900 block of Madison

800 block of Payson Ave.

3700 block of Briarwood.

1900 block of Payson Ave.

3200 block of College.

600 block of Hamilton

2000 block of Chestnut

1300 block of North 3rd.

600 block of South 12th

QHS parking lot.

Police say the investigation into these incidents continues.

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